Take a beach holiday

If you want to experience some unusual beaches with some great food and weather Malaga Spain beaches are the right destination for you.

Malaga city is a coastal area. So, all the beaches are near the hotels and restaurants. The beaches are clean and the food is really great to enjoy. But what makes these beaches entirely stand out from the others is the surroundings and the people there.

The local people are friendly enough to welcome anybody. The tourists who come here all the year are greatly entertained by local people. They are very helping. They know many different foods because the place has a mix of culture.

Sunny Mornings

The atmosphere here is the most attractive one. The place is booming because of its charming , lovely , beautiful sunny days. The beaches have great sunlights to enjoy and to have fun.

Wonderful Beaches

Great beaches are the treasures of this place. Some of the famous beaches are named below.
Misericordia beach is popular one. The beach has some old memories to notice. There is an old industrial chimney to notice. Guadalmar beach is Malaga’s only nudist beach. So, if you want to be a nature’s child this beach is for you.

El palo is another great beach. You can have good food, bars, restaurants and a great party.

The Penon beach is famous for its rock which can be viewed from a mile away. The beach is for young people. The crowd is thick and there are all the facilities available to enjoy a great beach.

The names of such beaches can make long list. Once you go there , you will find the reasons to go to Malaga Spain for a beach holiday. The Convenient Journey
Malaga airport is a great convenience to go there. Day by day the journey to Malaga is getting less expensive and less distant.
The Food

Great food and shopping are also interesting reasons to visit the place. From fresh fish to meat dishes , Malaga beach restaurants are just ready with good foods. A beach holiday to Malaga can give some good time to enjoy. The peaceful great coastal water is sure to melt away your boredom and stress.