3 Reasons Why I Prefer to Visit Prague

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a charming old city with an interesting history that goes back hundreds of years. Loaded with structural intrigue, the city is full of medieval extensions, ancient palaces, wonderful prayer houses and eccentric shops and bistros. Despite the fact that it is a well-known goal among vacationers looking for a weekend in Europe, the city has a lot of places to attract explorers with more opportunities to save. Continue reading to see a summary of the must-see features of Prague.

1) Old city

Make sure you spend some time walking through the pleasant area of the old town (Staré Mesto) in Prague. The wonderful avenues and squares in the old town contain a lot of places of interest for visitors, and a variety of accommodations and inns are found here, making it an ideal base for a stay in the city. Despite the fact that there are many intriguing things to mark your summary within a visit to the old town, for example, the galactic clock, the statue of Jan Hus, the Old Town Square and the Museum of Communism and Czech Cubism, do not simply walk the boulevards from the view to locate it: the old town is a place to investigate and walk without any specific point at the top of the list of priorities, simply enjoying the surroundings.

2) Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge was developed in the last 50% of the fourteenth century and now remains for some individuals as an image of the city itself. The statues that remain in it were an extravagant expansion, and date back to the seventeenth century. Until 1841, the extension was the main strategy for the intersection of Vltava; Nowadays, its excellent curves attract hordes of visitors to walk around and appreciate the view towards the mansion.

3) Prague Castle

Visiting Prague without seeing the castle is like visiting L.A. without seeing the acclaimed Hollywood sign. It is believed to be the most established surviving castle on earth, dating back to the late ninth century. To start with the home of the rule, it is currently the official living arrangement of the President of the Czech Republic. In the tops of the year, the castle can attract long queues of tourists, so you should try to arrive before the agreed time for the beginning of the day to avoid the lining. In the middle of the castle is the heavenly Cathedral of San Vito, a Gothic masterpiece. The responsibility of the house of prayer continues to be the subject of many legal disputes between the chapel and the state.