Why travel to Kullu-Manali India 

Kullu-Manali India is one of the most beautiful states in the world that may people dream of visiting when they get a chance. There are so many reasons why to travel to Kullu-Manali India, some of them are:

The pleasant climate and natural beauty are so fascinating that more and more tourists are attracted to visit this place. However, Kullu is famous all over the world for its Dussehra celebrations. The temples in Kullu are worth seeing and the natural scenery is awesome. However, Tibetan influence can be seen in Manali along with the winter sports in demand which is a major tourist attraction. If you’re planning on visiting this place for your next vacation, remember that April to June and September to November is the best time to plan a tour to Kullu Manali.

On your way to Kullu Manali, you’ll be fascinated by the beautiful snow covered mountains, hill peaks covered by apple plantations, pine and cedar forests and lovely landscapes. Different tour packages are available for tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of the hilly area. There are many places of interest which you must visit while you are on your tour to Kullu Manali.

Places of visit in and around Kullu Manali:

Do not miss the Solang Valley as it gives a charming view of the snow covered white peaks all over the valley. It is considered the best tourist spot for skiing lovers. Tourists come here and enjoy skiing on the slopes. This place is usually included in the tour package of Kullu Manali.

Another important world famous tourist spot is Hadimba Temple. This temple is well known for its statue of animals and is surrounded by deodar trees all over. This is a temple dedicated to Goddess Hidimba Devi. Apart from these tourist spots, there are many places of visit in Kullu Manali. Many temples are open for tourists and depict a beautiful architectural heritage and culture of the valley all over the world.

You should plan a Kullu Manali package in advance to enjoy and experience the best holiday. Advance bookings offer discounts and set you free of all the worries during the peak season. Avail yourself of the best tour packages of Kullu Manali to make your vacations more exciting and enjoyable. Choose the tour package which best suits your budget and refer to the internet for different packages available. Kullu Manali is also known as Valley of Gods as there are so many temples due to which this place is also given religious importance.