How to Build a Great Professional network – Part 1

Through years of experience, I have discovered that companies and their people are no longer devoted to each other. But have a great network can create a sense of devotion that isn’t offered in the corporate world. After you have lost your job, you will have no reason to fret, because you know someone that has the ability to get you a job that you want. If you are in desperate need of anything, whether it’s advice, money, anything at all. You can always find it in your professional network.

The best way to have a great professional network is to be a generous person. You also can’t be the kind of person that is afraid to ask for generosity in return. I used to be the sort of person that was incredibly afraid of asking for something from another person, because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to return the favor.

One day as I was speaking to a friend of mine, my friend became a roofer over a two decades ago and had started his own successful roofing business. He told me that the only reason he was able to succeed was because of the connection that he had built through the years before he went to and during trade school. He said that “Listen, you can’t be scared to accept people’s generosity, but make sure that when you are able to help someone that you reach out to them and help them. This will be your greatest asset when you are trying to build up your network.” I also learned that even if the person says no, it’s still better than not asking at all.

In order to build a successful network, you need to find people who can help you achieve your dreams and reach out to them. Learn about them, do some research, make sure that you have a good understanding about who they are. Make sure that when you contact this people, that you are also able to add value to their lives. No one wants to work with someone that does not provide value at all.

If you find an individual who has many contacts, build a relationship with them. This will give you a massive advantage, if the person can vouch for you, then you will have access to an inner circle of a wide variety of people that you can use at your disposal. Being friendly has never hurt anyone.

………..To Be Continued…………….


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